Non-Toxic Makeup Must-Haves

Why go natural? When you are wearing makeup daily, you are subjecting your skin to harmful chemicals. Your skin is your largest pore so you are absorbing these toxic ingredients and they can sit in your body forever!

Taking the plunge into non-toxic beauty can be overwhelming. It’s taken me the past two years to find the products that work for me. Not all my products are non-toxic but overall, what I put on my face each day isn’t packed with sketchy ingredients that cause harm to my skin and hormones.

I suggest starting small. When you run out of your foundation, give the Crunchi Foundation a shot!  Just take it slow with the transition to non-toxic, your skin will thank you in the end! This list of green products are my tried-and-trues. I’ve experimented and tried a ton of green beauty but these are what I find are the best and leave me feeling glamorous!  I love that there are makeup products available that aren’t going to put my health at risk. I’ve listed all the products I love below and hope you can incorporate some of them into your makeup routine.

Crunchi Primer: I do a light layer of this to start my makeup routine. I really can see a difference in dewiness and coverage that lasts when I apply this primer.  There is a reason they use primer when you go get your makeup done, it makes everything apply more flawless!

Hynt Beauty Concealer: I use my beauty blender (always make sure your sponge is damp) to cover any imperfections and dark spots.

Crunchi Foundation (I am medium 03 shade) and Foundation Brush (01) the best foundation. My #1 clean beauty product. The brush is absolutely worth purchasing with the foundation for even coverage.

W3ll People concealer (I use shade fair): I put a little under eyes or over any imperfections that I am still finding after I apply foundation.

100Percent Pure Powder: (I’m shade Peach Bisque) I just apply a light layer over full face to help set the foundation. Skip this step if you like less coverage.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (I use shade fair or light neutral): A MUST-HAVE for when you go out at night. I use the W3LL People one for every day but this one for a night on the town! A little goes a long way. Make sure your sponge is damp so that your product applies evenly-makes a huge difference.

Lily Lolo Mascara: Best non-toxic mascara. I gift it to friends all the time! I wear it on it’s own on casual days but when I want a more intense look for nights out- I add 100% pure mascara on top of this. Extra va-va-voom!

100% Pure Mascara (black tea color): My other favorite mascara. I layer this over Lily Lolo for a more dramatic look.

Lily Lolo Bronzer in Miami Vice: Love this bronzer but the bronzer brush is even more important. There is a reason people rave over this brush. It really is the best and makes a huge difference in application. Worth the purchase and will last forever! Tip: use your bronzer as eye makeup for every day when you don’t want to apply a full eye makeup look.

Lily Lolo Blush: I love changing my blushes according to what look I’m going for but this is a tried and true blush that seems to work with everything.

Beauty Counter Color Outline Eye Pencil: This is the only eyeliner I’ve used for years. I like the brown color cause I’m not into the super heavy eyeliner look.  The reason this one is so special is that it has a smudge side. I usually apply a light line to top and lower lid then blend it with the smudge side.  This gives you a smoky eye that isn’t as pigmented.

Beauty Counter Brow Pencil: I am brow obsessed and always want mine to be on fleek! Ha. I like this pencil because it isn’t too pigmented so it’s easy to fill in the gaps of your brows without looking like you did.  I’ve tried other brands but always come back to this one.

Zuzu Lux Brow Gel: I have big ass brows and this clear gel keeps those babies in place. Always brush upward for a more full brow look.




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  1. This is fantastic I am transition to green beauty products and I never know what brands to look for so this post was super helpful!

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful! Transitioning is always tough and these are the products that have really worked for me! XO

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