My Current Haircare Routine + Coconut Oil Hair Mask Tutorial


Not only is switching to natural hair care products better for the environment; it’s also better for the overall health of your hair. Making the switch to non-toxic products will take some adjusting – but I promise it’s worth the wait! There’s a good chance the products you’re using now are stripping your hair of …


My First Mother’s Day


top | jeans | “If you ever feel like you’re not enough, remember that to some you are everything. Women are creators of heaven on Earth, partners with God in His work.” @idschurch posted this beautiful quote on Instagram and it really touched me. You are not just a mom. You are amazing and we …


Ground Lamb Bowls with Tzatziki Dressing


I’m so excited to share this super easy Greek bowl with y’all. I love ground lamb-it’s such a great source of lean protein! What makes it even yummier is this seasoning from C&J Farms. I love supporting local companies, so I’ve tried a bunch off their seasonings. I have yet to be disappointed!  C&J Farms …


Temple’s 3-Month Schedule


I still have days when I can’t believe I’m a mom. Mother’s Day is around the corner and I am so excited! I knew I wanted kids one day but now that Temple is here, I realize that I really was meant to be a mama. I feel beyond blessed that I get to stay …


Mothers Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is just around the corner! It’s my first Mother’s Day as a new mom and I am SO excited! Today I’m sharing all the things that I think every mama at any age would love. As you know, I am really into non-toxic/green beauty, so I’m sharing a few of my favorites here. …


Fertility Talk


That time in your life when you decide you’re ready to grow your family is super exciting – but it can also be really scary! We spend most of our young adult lives avoiding pregnancy at all costs – then all the sudden, we tell our bodies were ready to have a baby on purpose! …