Broccoli & Tuna Parmesan Pasta


I made a similar recipe on my Instagram stories last week and had a ton of you try it out for your little ones. You and your kiddos seemed to love it, so I wanted to make it into a simple recipe you can always reference! I know that boxed macaroni and cheese can be …


Ground Turkey & Green Bean Stir-Fry


I love a good stir-fry and was seriously craving one while on this January Whole30. This one is simple with green beans, mushrooms and ground turkey.  Taste great on its own, but we like to add a side of cauliflower rice. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments.


Broccoli Tuna Cakes


A simple Whole30 recipe for the whole family! If you are doing Baby-Led Weaning, this is a perfect recipe to try for your little ones! Adding the riced broccoli is an easy way to add in some proper nutrients for your kiddos without them noticing! Don’t feel restricted to just using broccoli- riced cauliflower or finely …


Bulletproof Coffee


My obsession with bulletproof coffee is at a new level now that I’m a mom! I love the sustained energy it gives me that last much longer than regular coffee. It fills me up a bit with the healthy fats from the ghee and brain octane oil. Some people have bulletproof coffee as a meal …