Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019


URSA Major Face Wash: I love all things URSA Major- especially for my man. They make the best simple products that Caleb loves. He even uses their deodorant. If you want your man to try out some nontoxic skin care products, then start with URSA! Use Code: madaleighblog for 15% off + free shipping for …


Natural Ear Infection Remedies


Ear infections are no fun but super common, especially for kiddos. Temple had her first ear infection a few weeks back, and we tried some natural remedies, and they worked! I have to give a big thanks to my pediatrician who tries to solve things naturally when possible. Look for signs early- ear pulling, runny …


Immunity Boosting Tips and Natural Remedies For Onset of Sickness


It’s officially November, and that means Winter is Coming! It also means runny noses, throat tickles, and other bugs that seem to come with the cooler weather. That’s why I’m sharing a list of supplements, foods and essential oils I recommend when you start feeling sick. Obviously, you don’t have to check EVERY item off …


Savvy Rest Organic Pillow Review


When I started on my nontoxic journey, bedding and mattresses honestly never even crossed my mind. It wasn’t until I was pregnant that it occurred to me: we sleep with these things EVERY NIGHT…. why wouldn’t they affect our health? Most of us obviously don’t immediately think of our beds when we think of toxic materials, …


What’s in my birth bag?


I can’t believe I’m writing this and my baby girl is already eight weeks old!  What?!  I took the photos for this post while VERY pregnant (like 37 weeks) in anticipation for the launch of my blog.  I knew once Temple Lane arrived, I wouldn’t have a hot minute during the first few months to …